Our schedule for Saturday, 7 November

16:45 CET – Gathering

17:00 CET – Welcome!

17:10 CET – Input and Fireside Chat: Biometric Surveillance

In this fireside chat, we invite civil society (TBC), Xabier Lareo from the European Data Protection Supervisor’s office (EDPS) and MEP Patrick Breyer for a thought-provoking conversation on biometric surveillance. Moderator Ella Jakubowska from European Digital Rights (EDRi) will guide the session in order to get to the heart of one of the big problems of facial recognition and other forms of biometric surveillance in our public spaces: power.

We’ll consider:
• Misconceptions about biometrics – and why the EDPS recently took action to dispel the myths that we hear from companies developing biometric tech;
• How biometric surveillance can infringe on democracy by trying to dictate what is and is not considered criminal;
• If and how private companies may be increasing or consolidating their power over people and governments through the use of biometrics;
• How we can resist the threats of indiscriminate or arbitrarily-targeted biometric surveillance in order to restore public power and control over our public spaces.

18:00 CET – Workshops!

WS 1: Narratives on banning biometric surveillance
by Lotte Houwing, Bér Engels (Bits of Freedom)

WS 2: Clearview AI and the GDPR
by Alan Dahi (noyb) and Matthias Marx (CCC)

WS 3: EU Actions on Biometric Mass Surveillance
by EDRi, Homo Digitalis (GR), SHARE (SR) and Hermes Center (IT)

WS 4: OpaCity: Biometric Mass Surveillance in the Balkans
by Elena Stojanovska (Metamorphosis Foundation) and Andrej Petrovski (SHARE Foundation)

WS 5: Fingerprinting for ID cards – what can be done?
by Friedemann Ebelt (Digitalcourage)

WS 6: Facial recognition in daily life
by Jonas Vollmer (Selbstbestimmt Digital)

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Call for sessions (deadline for suggestion is 26 October)

While this year’s FNF is limited by a shorter schedule duration and a lack of physical dimension, Freedom of Fear maintains its community – based nature. Do you want to know how you can contribute to the schedule? Read on!
If you want to be really fast, here is our dedicated framaform  for your suggestion.

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FNF20 looks at Biometric Mass Surveillance

In 2020, the community behind Freedom not Fear voted Biometric Mass Surveillance as the focus of its 10th edition.

Why is Biometrics Mass Surveillance so important to discuss and how does it relate to our current experiences in the public space?

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Freedom not Fear goes online

Everything is different this year; you already know this from other events: So with Freedom not Fear 2020 we are going online! We will gather for an online workshop about biometric surveillance on 7 November, 17:00–20:00 CET (16:00–19:00 UTC). We will use an independently hosted Big Blue Button server, all you need to participate is a web browser.

You can register now to later receive the workshop link and further information on the event.

Register now!

We will hear an exciting input on the state of affairs on the European level. Then we would like to go into smaller groups for discussions and reports. But FnF is all about you – if you would like to bring in a talk, presentation, or any other content, do tell us in the registration form.

Spread the word and register now!
Follow us on Mastodon: fnf@digitalcourage.social and share our Freedom not Fear announcement toot.

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